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    Server profiling tool.

    May be you can help me with this. I am looking for a tool which can get me the details of latency at different levels after the request reaches the web server. I have tools to measure the time taken for DNS resolution, time taken for connecting to the web server, the network latency and the overall response times but what I need to know is the time taken for the transaction between web server and application server, application server and the database etc.., and this tool doesn't necesarily have to be operated from outside the firewall.



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    Re: Server profiling tool.

    You can ask the developer to put a time stamp for you when the Application server gets the request from the Webserver and prints it to a log file..Just a thought

    Good Luck


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    Re: Server profiling tool.

    Hi there, Wonderful idea, that stuck my mind also but its too late, its a design issue so is very expensive to impliment at this stage. Thankyou for the contribution.


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    Re: Server profiling tool.

    One of the tools in the Vantage Suite from Compuware might solve your problem

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    Re: Server profiling tool.

    I have heard that Vantage isnt really a useful tool to do this (its expensive also).

    As long as it is tcp/ip comm and you can see the headers and packet you should consider to use a network monitor tool to do this by yourself. Microsoft's "Network Monitor", TCPView or unix "snoop" or "tcpdump". It's hard work but could work if you are allowed to put in testdata - to get unique strings to track where the time is spent.




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