We are using Merant's MicroFocus Mainframe Express 2.0 development tool to maintain code for a large mainframe legacy system (VSAM, COBOL, OS390,CICS). To complement the development tool we need a way of submitting and monitoring JCL jobs from within the Windows based MicroFocus Mainframe Express 2.0. The plan is to be able to automate a batch stream of several hundred jobs to run within MicroFocus.

What we want is a utility that will allow us to submit JCL jobs, check the return codes from the JCL job which are written to new window, and then based on the return codes from the job perform the next action.

Ie, JOB A, JOB B, JOB C etc are to run sequentially. JOB A is submitted first. If it returns a zero return code then submit JOB B. If JOB B returns a zero return code then submit JOB C. etc. Any non zero return code would result in calling a different action.

Winrunner has been suggested, but it seems overly complicated and expensive for what seems a simple task. Basically we want an OPC scheduler type package that would interface to MicroFocus Mainframe Express 2.0.

Does anybody have any suggestions on which software package might be useful?


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