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    unit testing tools for VB.Net

    Does any one know if there any unit testing testing tools for VB.Net in the market yet? i've searched every where but i haven't been able to find any. The problem is VB.Net kind of new in the market, therefore, it's hard to find any unit testing tools for it.


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    Re: unit testing tools for VB.Net

    I believe this may be of some help to you... http://nunit.sourceforge.net/
    One of our developers is using it to unit test C# code. The web site indicates it can also be used for VB.Net.


    Big K

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    Re: unit testing tools for VB.Net

    If they were created with VB.net Beta 2 then Empirix has a product call Firstact that can do this. You can check it out at www.empirix.com




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