I would like to hear from anyone that has used the Rational Test
Enabler to include Rational ActiveX Test Controls in their VB
applications. I currently have an application written in VB6.0 that
Rational Robot is unable to recognize objects by their VB object names
unless the Rational ActiveX Test Controls are included.
Rational, in their documentation, stated that versions of VB5.0 and above should
correct this problem, but when contacted, they indicated that certain
components still require the enabler to get object recognition.

A few questions I am looking for answered are:

Is anyone else using VB 6.0 experiencing the Rationa Robot requirement
to include the ActiveX Test Controls in order to recognize objects?

When releasing your software have you included the Test Controls
released without the ActiveX Test control included?

Has anyone experienced any problems with releasing their software with
the ActiveX Test Controls included?

Does anyone know of any noticeable effects the ActiveX Test Control
have on a VB application?