I am a QA guy with no exposure to Automated Tools of any sort(though been doing manual testing). I am asked to evaluate the tools available and suggest the most appropriate tool for our usage. We have developed portals in three digits so far and are wasting lot of time doing manual testing.

We have developed an architecture which after taking some parameters produces portals. We develop portals in JAVA/HTML/CSS. We use Oracle 8i as the Database.

Can you suggest me a testing tool to test. We are evaluating Astra Site Manager for checking the links and thats all.

I am sure the information is not complete. Please let me know what more information is needed for you to help me.

I would be thankful if I get some suggestions rather than generic statements like it depends on the application(which I am sure is understood anyway). I would be delighted to provide more details or continue correspondence offline thru E Mail so that I can get help to zero in on the most appropriate tool for us.

Thanks in Advance,