Currently in the evaluation process.
Have had some unsuccessful POCs from some big players due to the need of compiling with their VB addins. I'm wondering why the need for this addin was not mention before the POC occurred. I was very upfront with our environment. It was a bit of a waste of time and now we have to entertain a repeat visit in order to properly evaluate these tools.

The development and QA team have some concerns with the addins regarding the effects of the addins and delivery. Do the addins in any way have a negative effect? Do you deliver with the addin compiled or strip it out and deliver - then do you re-test???

Are the tools really going to work with our product afterward? You may or may not have any insight to this question. We are concerned because our heavy client GUI is so intwined with COTS products that control the menu bar, the tree structure...

Any insight is appreciated ~