Good afternoon all,

I am currently in the process of researching an automated tool for use in my company, and I'd greatly appreciate any input from those of you who have had to make these decisions before.

First, let me try to describe our product as best as I can without disturbing the sanctity of our NDA. Our product is, in essence a java based platform, which will allow the customer to syndicate and distribute web services to partners accross the web using businees logic developed in JS, JAVA, EJB, or COM.

What I'm looking for is a testing framework that will allow us to do automated distributed testing accross a number of platforms, and so far it's been a pretty fruitless endeavor.
Let me lay down some of the tool requirements that I've established:

-ability to run tests on Win2K, NT4, and Solaris.
-ability to execute and capture results from distributed tests....passing parameters to a java method on one box and collecting the results from another method residing on a different box
-Have JAVA testing hooks (API)
-Ability to report results via SQL or internal reporting mechanism
-Ability to integrate with build process (we use CVS as our source control, and will probalby start using ANT for bulds)
-Ability to integrate with SilkPerformer (would rather not waste that investment) or internal load tester.
-JDBC manipulation
-file manipulation on remote machines
-ability to generate or load differing/semi-random test data from database for use in tets and modify this data on a per test basis.
-abiltiy to be run/checked from outside network thru web interface

So far, the tools I've come accross that meet at least some fo these requirements are the following:

The Open Groups' TETWare Professional
Five Nine Solution's RemoteCog
Seque's SilkPilot
ApTest's Testify
CompuWare's QADirector

If anybody has experience with these tools, I'd love to hear your impressions, and how you think they would/wouldn't meet the requirements outlined above.

So far, I think that TETware might best fulfill my needs, but I moust admit I'm a little put off by the amount of coding that it's going to take to get it up speed. I fear that the complexity of our product is going to necessitate a complex solution, much as I wish it weren't so. SilkPilot looked interesting, but it appeared that our java code would have to be exposed with RMI, which doesn't work for me.

Any and all fedback greatly appreciated, TIA.