Although this is going to be a very broad based question, are there any published/tentative metrics available that roughly estimate the percentage of manual test cases that can be automated. I would be supposing that the test case startes off from start the applicaiton, log on, start the use case, perform the particular function, exit the use case, log off and exit the app - usually 15 to 20 steps, and also based on a complete test set comprising GUI, navigational and funcitonal test cases.

Any ideas would be most welcome. In our start up products company, after establishin manual testing, we automated business scenario test cases (end to end process test cases). Now to formulate an automated scripting strategy, I need to know the feasibility in scripting manual test cases. I do know that not all should be done and its more of a selective task. But I am willing to look into more suggestions that can help formulate a constructive and effective approach.

Kashif Choudhry,
Lead, Automated Testing - Vroom Technologies Inc.