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    Need help with Visual Test 6

    Any sources on understanding the language used? Also is there a way to test "services"? Basically, I have to test an exe that checks the database, checks for old files and deletes them if they are too old and deletes them. All in about 3 seconds and the only thing that appears is a command prompt window. How do I test that?

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    Re: Need help with Visual Test 6


    There are a lot of sites that offer help with VT ( http://www.rational.com/technotes/sq...note_2274.html ). However, the 2 sources I found to be the most helpful were: 1) here ( http://qaforums.com - in the Visual Test forum!), and 2) the Visual Test User Group (check at http://www.vtindepth.com/mt_info.htm ).

    Hope this helps...

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