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    Performance comparison of Visual Test and WinRunner

    I'm evaluating Visual Test and WinRunner.
    I feel WinRunner is better. However WinRunner is very expensive than Visual Test.

    So I want to prepare the comparison sheet to persuade my boss to purchase the WinRunner.

    If anyone has the comparison / review sheet of WinRunner and Visual Test, would you sent it to me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Performance comparison of Visual Test and WinRunner

    It would be good to know what you are going to be testing with the tools. It would also be good to know what led you to settle on those two tools in particular, rather than other offerings as well such as Compuware's selection, Rational's Robot, Segue's SilkTest, RSW's e-Tester, etc.

    WinRunner is a very good tool although the language behind it (TSL) leaves a lot to be desired - although that is just my opinion.

    Visual Test is much cheaper, of course, and lacks some of the things that WinRunner can do. On the other hand, it has a robust language and can do most of what WinRunner can do with some programming.

    Comparing the two would require knowing what environment you are going to be using the tool in. For example, if you are talking about Web-based testing then you should realize that Visual Test works best with Internet Explorer and not Netscape. (This is because it relies on Internet Explorer's implementation features.) So that might be a deciding point for you.



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