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    Evaluating Stress/Load testing tools

    I am evaluating different stress/load testing tools for a customer, and are there some good sites or articles that evaluates the different products.

    And what are the parameters a stress/load test tools should be measured.


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    Re: Evaluating Stress/Load testing tools

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Helge:

    And what are the parameters a stress/load test tools should be measured.

    Here are just some parameters you could use to evaluate your stress/load testing tool (there are many more)
    Note: only pick the ones applicable to your environment...

    MS SQL Server DB-Lib
    Oracle 7.x and 8.x
    HTTPS 40 bit
    HTTPS 128 bit
    Scripting Type
    Scripting Language
    Multi-threaded Virtual User Execution
    Step through script capability
    Watch Windows
    Supports Correlation on the fly
    Supports dynamic web data on the fly without user modification
    Automatic static cookie support
    Dynamic Cookie Support
    External compiler required to compile script prior to execution
    Maximum number of parameters allowed in a script
    Use same web functional test script for load testing
    Users can be executed across subnets
    Web users can be executed through proxies natively
    Server Side Digital Certificate Support
    Load test data is stored remotely at each host, then sent to controller machine after load test to prevent added network overhead
    Integrated Network Monitoring
    Integrated server monitoring with results correlated to load
    Integrated Oracle transaction breakdown monitoring
    UNIX replay
    Virtual User Footprint
    Maximum number of users that can be executed on single NT based machine
    Maximum users that can be executed during a load test from the same controller.
    Virtual User Rendezvous Capability
    Integrated GUI user execution


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    Re: Evaluating Stress/Load testing tools

    Just a comment... while some of those categories stand on their own and don't really require additional explanation or understanding, others don't (such as the question of whether the Performance testing tool uses an internal or external compiler). You'll want to know where you stand on these questions prior to speaking with a salesperson.

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    Re: Evaluating Stress/Load testing tools

    I think much larger issues also concern your testing focus. Is the performance testing going to be strictly for load/stress? Is it going to be just transactional? Is it going to be used for performance analysis (or does that fall to another tool)? Is it going to be used for capacity planning?

    With any of the above, you have to consider if you are going to perform modeling with the tool (as any good performance effort should do, in my opinion). If so, what modeling are you going to do and does the tool easily support that or, at least, complement it?

    Are you going to rely on staged iterations (thus more a test of requests/transactions) or staged users (thus more a test of unique users/visitors/sessions/etc.)?

    The focus of your testing will a lot of times determine your tool needs. You cannot choose a tool unless you know how you are going to use it because without knowing how you are going to use it, you cannot possibly evaluate it for your environment.



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