During our last Rational Testing User Group meeting on Feb 10, OC Systems gave us a demo of their neat white box testing tool, called Aprobe.
Our developers especially like the features Aprobe offers and we are currently evaluating the tool for possible purchase.
Anyone interested in enhancing their white box testing, should take a look at the tool.

What is Aprobe?
Aprobe is a very sophisticated testing tool that allows you to easily extract data from an application. You simply specify the data you want collected. Aprobe generates the machine code patches.

Aprobe patches, called probes, are expressed in the C programming language. They patch the executable without requiring any access to the source code or re-linking of the application.

Then Aprobe formats the data you requested to make it more readable. A string comes out as a string -- not a byte dump -- and a record with 20 fields comes with each field properly formatted and labeled.

For more details about Aprobe, take a look at their website www.ocsystems.com

Elfriede Dustin
Senior Author "Automated Software Testing"