I'm having trouble with a very small test that I have in a playlist. This test simply does a "SetFocus" on a pane, such as to mouse hover over it. When I run it, the StringAssertion fails due to the pane not containing the string (null). When I set a break point, debug, and it hits the break point, the Pane shows that it contains the string. I continue past the break point, and the test passes. Here's what it looks like (and I have a separate class that I pull from for other tasks):

public void Version_Number()

Helpers.Navigation nav = new Helpers.Navigation();
HandsWindow handsWin = new HandsWindow();

Playback.PlaybackSettings.WaitForReadyLevel = WaitForReadyLevel.Disabled;
Playback.PlaybackSettings.MaximumRetryCount = 10;
Playback.PlaybackSettings.ShouldSearchFailFast = false;
Playback.PlaybackSettings.DelayBetweenActions = 500;
Playback.PlaybackSettings.SearchTimeout = 1000;
Playback.PlaybackSettings.ContinueOnError = true;

// Add the error handler
Playback.PlaybackError -= Playback_PlaybackError; // Remove the handler if it's already added
Playback.PlaybackError += Playback_PlaybackError; // Ta dah...
Playback.PlaybackSettings.ContinueOnError = true;

handsWin.HandsDoc.Form_headerPane.VersionPane.SetF ocus();
StringAssert.Contains(handsWin.HandsDoc.Form_heade rPane.VersionPane.HelpText, "Version 10.6.2");


I can't for the life of me figure out what my be causing this, but if any of you out there could think of something, would be great.