Hi All,

I am looking for a solution to integrate Bugzilla with Selenium web driver code. Currently I have a framework which is built on Selenium Web driver and TestNG. My expectation is to raise defects after test execution in Bugzilla by connecting to it. I have seen few posts saying like with the help of j2Bugzilla API this can be achieved 'https://github.com/tomrk1089/j2bugzilla'. But due to my limited knowledge I am not able to find out how to work with this API. Can anyone put some insight on how to raise defects in Bugzilla after test execution. Bugzilla also supports 'REST API 'https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla%3aREST_API%3aMethods#Create_new_bug_.28.2 Fbug_POST.29'. As I don't have sufficient programming knowledge on 'JAVA', I am not sure how to achieve that also.