Hi All,


Wish to introduce QA tool for improvement of java test execution approach:
- server solution, once started, access and orchestrate via web (multi user)
- integrate with any java code/framework, classload projects on startup, reload by click from updated jars
- browse projects test items tree (built up to user design)
- self multi-threaded test execution engine with resources pools limitation
- manage and monitor resource pools from web on runtime
- build custom resources (like browser, connection, agent, marker, e.t.c) and request em from pool on runtime in test
- Suite execution view&control at runtime
- next gen error classify report and 2 more: states flow and metrics (visualize data)
- turn functional runnable tests to load suites
- create/save/modify/CRON suites
- integrate with CI by suites kick-off trigger link
- export results to any external systems (implement plugin)
and more

Historically solution was developed for smart and optimal Selenium UI tests automation execution orchestration from web (java),
but adopted for wide range of tasks. I am using it productively form 2012 already in 4 different companies.

What Bali server brings to your process implementation in compare with common CI based?
Last one is always associated as nearby analog, because is used for same execution operations as seems at first glance,
however what are the detailed differences where devil is hiding ?

The primary difference - CI operates processes and is build for wide range of tasks templates (build, deploy, execute, e.t.c) ,
but Bali operates JVM threads and resources in one self process offering unreachable before approaches and is targeted specially for java effective test execution.
see more on page Bali approach scorings

How do You see the tool in common?
Do You know any analogs?
What can stop You from implementing it on yours projects?
Will be gladfull for response (kirill-konoplev@yandex.ru) and may offer consulting on how to use tool for interested persons.