My company offers a custom excel ribbon which allows customers to set up their own pre-defined excel columns which correspond to fields in our web application. They can input large amounts of data into the web application through the excel tool as well as updating information and retrieving information. There is a field requiring credentials for each time you click to upload or retrieve data from the web application. Some of the pre-defined excel columns feature drop down boxes but most are text input. This is just a basic story of what we are looking for; we want to be able to select columns from the manage excel columns in the ribbon, input data to these columns, upload, provide credentials, and then verify the data in the web application. We also want to be able to do the reverse for the retrieval process.

I need help finding a way to do automated testing on this. Trying to find the best option for a scripting language and what programming language would help us (or if there is any tool out there that can assist with this, not QTP). The web site is currently in mainly .net and javascript. Would love if we could script this so that it is compatible with Selenium so we can then use Selenium for the web testing as well.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.