Live Online Webinar: June 4, 2014 at 17:00 GMT (1pm EDT)

The API Copyright Debate | SmartBear

The recent reversal in the Oracle v. Google case sets a new precedent for API copyrightability. While this decision is poised to stir up the already frenzied API industry, dozens of legal and philosophical questions remain unanswered.

Join the live online debate between Joel Rothman of Schneider Rothman IP Law Group and Mitch Stoltz of Electronic Frontier Foundation. The debate will be moderated by SmartBear API junkie Lorinda Brandon.

The 1-hour online debate will cover:

The validity of the court's decision and the key points in the upcoming “fair use” trial.
The impact this case will have on innovation in the API and mobile industries.
Impromptu questions from the audience. Submit your questions by tweeting them with the hashtag #APIcopyright .

API Copyright Debate | Joel Rothman
API Copyright Debate | Mitch Stoltz

The API Copyright Debate | SmartBear