PDF Automation- Need to check the structure and Data Placement of the PDF

Hi Friends,

I got a requirement to check the PDF structure as per the rules given. For example, Heading, fonts, segment starting from 1centimeter to 5 centimeter, Paragraph with another font and size,etc,.

So in this requirement, more than Data validation, data placement and document look should be verified.

Can anyone HELP me how to automate and verify the whole PDF document with its structure?

So I am looking for some permanent automation solution to verify the PDF document going forward

I have given PDF document restriction detail below for your reference.

Document Restrictions Summary

Printing : Allowed
Document Assembly: Not Allowed
Content Copying : Not Allowed
Content Copying for Accessibility: Allowed
Page Extraction: Not Allowed
Commenting: Allowed
Filling of form fields: Allowed
Signing: Not Allowed
Creation of Template Pages: Allowed

Please let me know if you want more info.

Product Tester