would like to reduce the time for search after a Name into a list of 3000 Name
Dim vRequestor, vHelp
vRequestor="Okal John"
wait 2
SwfWindow("window1").WinEdit("Edit").Set vHelp   'To help the search finding quickly
'SwfWindow("window1").SwfComboBox("cboxReq").GetTOProperties (vHelp) 
SwfWindow("window1").SwfComboBox("cboxReq").Select vRequestor      
wait 1
first i edit the tree first character of the Name to help finding quickly => SwfWindow("window1").WinEdit("Edit").Set vHelp
and then
select the Name on the list =>SwfWindow("window1").SwfComboBox("cboxReq").Sele ct vRequestor

but reach this line SwfWindow("window1").SwfComboBox("cboxReq").Select vRequestor
i got error as
Error - Cannot identify the specified item of the object confirm that the specified item is included in the object's item collection

the Name is normally found on the list but cannot overwrite it on the field where "Oka" is already wrotten

how can i confirm this ...any idea please?