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    Exclamation SWF objects not identified in QTP 11


    My appplication is dotnet appln. I am using QTP 11 and it was working fine and was identifying all the objects as SWFEdit, SWfButton etc. But the application got migrated from Windows 2003 server to windows server 2008. and now when i identify the objects it is showing as SWFObject for all the objects. I have installed all the patches like
    Step 1:- Install QTP_00699
    Step2:- Install QTP_00709
    Step3:- Install QTPNET_00051
    Step4:- Install QTP_00699
    Step5:- Install QTPWEB_00086
    Step6:- Install QTPWEB_00078
    Step7:- Install QTPNET_00120
    Step8:- Install QTPNET_00127
    but still it is not working.

    Can anyone tel me what is the problem..

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    Here are some troubleshooting tips. I feel your pain, as .Net is the most annoying thing ever. Also, you might get more responses in the QTP fourm

    Patience is like bread I say.... I ran out of that yesterday.

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