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    Smile Automate on mobile - automation of a iOS App, written in native Objective C

    Hi all,

    I am starting in a project, where a data driven test has to be set up on a mobile device. The app runs on IOS and is written in native Objective C.

    There are alternatives to do that from my point of view:

    1) Sikuli and Emulator
    2) theres a framework called Franks: testingwithfrank.com/
    3) Ranorex

    Has anybody good experience on that and some other alternatives? Can anybody tell me how good the three alternatives are working?

    Thanks for answering,


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    Personally, I like Appium since I'm already familiar with Selenium Webdriver apis. It's good with non-hybrid apps (apps that arn't webapps inside a native app)

    It's easier to run on 3rd party device clouds of different devices without being locked into proprietary APIs

    I'd advise against Sikuli unless you are trying to test a video game, or an application with custom drawn controls. The weakness of VNC based tools is they're not good at doing verifications. But because it's image based, it makes it good for custom drawn controls.

    I haven't used Frank. I think Appium might be the better route since it has been gaining momentum with 3rd party support.
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