I am new to this forum and not sure whether this is the section in which I need to post this question. However, here goes.

I am a Test Lead and one of the entities which my team tests is the installer for our products. The framework for the installer is the same across all the products. The changes are in terms of, the name of the product, the version number and few minor entities which appear on the installer. There are a set of Test Cases which check for all these. Currently, these tests are executed manually.

Is there any Test Automation Tool/Solution which can verify the following:

1) The Name of the product appearing on the Installer, on My Computer (CD Label)
2) The Correctness of the version number in Add/Remove Programs
3) The correctness of the installer behavior when cancelled or aborted
4) The contents of the Installer CD
5) The options available on the various screens of the Installer
6) The correctness of the buttons
7) The correctness of the appearing warnings and errors
8) The appearance of the selected documentation

I would appreciate any help I receive on this.

Thanks in advance.