Hello All ,

I am working on Data analysis project where I have created dashboard Now I want to create test cases so that each value can be tested automatically with the one return by sql query .

For Example :
1) I have created one pie chart in dashboard which has three values for three region wise sale
1) SaleValue for APAC region
2) SaleValue for EMEA region
3) Salevalue for other region
Now I have three sql query which will
1) Give me SaleValue for APAC region
2) Give me SaleValue for EMEA region
3) Give me Salevalue for other region

Is there any freeware tool by using which I can create test case which will
1) Open my dashboard by using webaddress / application address on my desktop
2) capture three values
3) run those three sql queries and capture resule
4) campaire UI value with respective value given by SQL Query.

and show me the result and area where it failed if any.