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    RFT for webservices tesitng

    Can I use RFT for Webservices Automation testing or
    If RFT supports Can I add any plug in to test webservices testing

    Best approach to test webservices using freeware tool

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    Re: RFT for webservices tesitng

    Try looking on IBM's website for Rational Functional Tester. It's not free though.

    If you need something that is free you could try soapUI.

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    Re: RFT for webservices tesitng

    RFT is pretty much Java running under IBM's jar file.

    I wouldn't recommend using RFT for services testing, it's a bit of overkill since you already have clearly defined API definition and don't need to automate GUI calls.

    I probably would just go with a simple unit testing framework like JUnit or TestNG and make those webservices calls like a developer consuming those services would.
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