I was wondering if people unit test their object maps and other object recognition code.

Since I'm developing a testing framework, I like to make sure all framework code is unit tested. One area I haven't been able to figure out how to unit test effectively is the object mappings, and object mapping utilities. There are a number of problems I'm facing in doing this. The main one is the objects need to be present in order to test their mappings.

So far I just have a utility that loads up a test, then runs a bunch of checks and logs pass/fail for objects that exist and don't exist. Problem with this is it can't be done in an automated fashion, it expects a tester to be there to bring a window up one at a time, then run the corresponding unit tests for those objects.

I was wondering if anyone has come up with a better way. I'm thinking something like loading the UI without the application hooked up for the sake of testing object mapping. (This is for a .net application, but I'm interested in hearing about things other people have done with their apps)