Hi Team,

Please provide your suggestions on the issue encountered during invoking the link in which java script code is used for eg.

"<A ID="UltraWebListbar1__ctl0_PolicySubMenu_llbtnHold " CLASS="" STYLE='width:;height:;' HREF="javascript:;" HIDEFOCUS="true" title="" onselectstart="'javascript:{return false;}'" onclick="window.top.setFrameSrc('right','PolicyMan ager/HoldList.aspx')"><img src='../images/icon-holdmanager.gif' img='../images/icon-holdmanager.gif' disabledimg='../images/icon-holdmanager.gif' selectedimg='../images/' border=0 align='top' style='margin-right:5px;'>Manage Holds</A>

Whenever we click on the link using Watin tool exception is thrown that Attribute A is not found.

Kindly provide your feedback.