Hi i need solution for how to bring the flex compiler under Eclipse->Project->Properties

I installed FLEX SDK 4.0 and the FLEX MONKEY 5.0
Please find below settings I done to automate a flash application.

a) I create a sample project in eclipse project
b) created .mxml file under src in eclipse
c) Created a new builder under project->properties
d) Configured the location and the working directory under project->properties->builders
e) Under argument below code is implemented
src/application.mxml -output=bin/application.swf -library-path+=libs/ -target-player=10.0.0

f) After configuration, I clicked on ok button .swf file created in the location and the below message I got in the console.
Loading configuration file C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex 4.0\frameworks\flex-config.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex 4.0\bin\demo\bin\application.swf (37942 bytes)

g) I opened the FLEX MONKEY click on file->new project
h) Configured project directory as : file:///C:/Program%20Files/Adobe/Fle...0/bin/demo/bin
i) Output source directory as : file:///C:/Program%20Files/Adobe/Fle...0/bin/demo/src
j) Suites package name Test Suites
k) And I clicked on + button (setup guide)
m) I installed flex SDK 4.0 so I selected Flex sdk version as 4.0
n) Enabled the adope Air
o) I dragged the file automate_monkey4.x.swc in to the project libs file
p) Since I dint find the flex compiler in my Eclipse and donít know where to place below code generated in FLEX MONKEY

-include-libraries "../libs/automation_monkey4.x.swc" "${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation_spark.swc" "${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation.swc" "${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation_agent.swc" "${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation_dmv.swc" "${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation_air.swc" "${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation_airspark.swc"

q) Still I found FLEX MONKEY status shows not connected.

So can anyone please guide me in this like how to connect flex monkey and the eclipse, since I dint founds the flex compiler in my eclipse.
And FLEX MONKEY shows like the status is not connected.