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    TARCA - Automation and Test Tool


    I have been developing a test automation tool to support test driven development rather than the usual record and play back tools. I have a website for the tool here. The main download page is download

    It is based on the Java webdriver api. The main features are:

    - Support for IE, Firefox, Chrome.
    - Simple syntax rather than program code.
    - Able to write tests before application. (Hence test driven)
    - Able to externalise data \ fields.
    - Group tests together.
    - Run multiple tests across multiple machines simultaneously.
    - Edit and play tests against the application in real time.

    I would appreciate any feedback \ ideas for improvement.

    Louis Roberts

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    Re: TARCA - Automation and Test Tool

    Hi Louis,

    Seems look like a good tool , i will download a jar file and try to implement the test and create a test suite and let you know my feedback about TARCA tool.

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    Re: TARCA - Automation and Test Tool

    Thanks Vivek - if you have any problems with installation or any other issues please let me know.


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    Re: TARCA - Automation and Test Tool

    TARCA 2.4.1 has been released. This addresses a few bugs and also uses the newer webdriver - 2.5.0.


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    Re: TARCA - Automation and Test Tool

    TARCA 2.5.0 has been released using webdriver 2.11.0.
    There have been a large number of improvements. See

    for the latest code drop and list of improvements.

    Any other suggestions for improvements gratefully received.




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