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    Automation Conferences?

    In another thread someone brought up the idea of having an Automation conference that focused on tool independent architecture strategies and processes instead of the standard tool specific conferences. The comment reminded me of an item on my to-do list that is to find a good automation conference to attend. I'm aware of the SQE conferences, but does anybody know of any others that are not tool specific, cover a lot of topics, and maybe even include workshops like what I mentioned above? I would be ok with one that covered a lot of different tools, but going to an HP or Selenium specific conference is not what I'm looking for. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Automation Conferences?

    There really isn't one fully dedicated conference for Test Automation, the subject is typically mixed in with other test topics in the program.

    The best thing I can recommend is looking at the following conferences and their automation tracks:
    SQE STARWest or STAREast

    Another place to look is at a couple of blog/websites like Albert Gareev's (http://automation-beyond.com), Tarun Lalwani (specific to QTP, but lots of good stuff) (http://knowledgeinbox.com), the guys at AdvancedQTP(http://www.advancedqtp.com/), STAF (http://staf.sourceforge.net/).

    Also whitepapers by Keith Zambelich (http://automation.org.uk/downloads/d...ed_testing.doc), James Whittaker, Harry Robinson, Dion Johnson, Elfriede Dustin, Dorothy Graham/Mark Fewster, and others via Google search.

    The books you may want to look at for ideas are by Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster, and Elfriede Dustin (2 of them).

    Hope this helps. And your welcome, again.
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    Re: Automation Conferences?

    Thanks Jim

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    Re: Automation Conferences?

    You might also want to look at http://www.verifyati.com/ which is a conference focused on test automation.
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    Re: Automation Conferences?

    Velocity covers website monitoring and testing, with a focus on performance:

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    Re: Automation Conferences?

    Ann2008 - thank you for that - looks like I just missed this year, but it looks interesting for next.

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    Re: Automation Conferences?

    [ QUOTE ]
    You might also want to look at http://www.verifyati.com/ which is a conference focused on test automation.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Good recommendation, I was just going to recommend that one, and see it's already listed [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    It even includes the option to become Test Automation Book of Knowledge (TABOK) certified.


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