I need to devise an automation stategy for comparision testing across database. This is what is being done currently. Profile is created for 92 tables across sybase 12, sybase 15 and oracle 11g database.

1. Informatica is used to create profile of a table in each of these database
2. Within the profile of a table Doc null column and Inf Not Null is being validated. Something like if Doc_Null_rule contains "Not Null" then Inf_not_null should not contain "Nulls Allowed"
3. the 3 profiles are then compared with each other and mismatch is noted.

How can i automate this? Does informatica expose api for automation? I don't neccesarily have to use Informatica. Is informatica the right tool for this work? Can we do this using sql commands using junit or testng. Please note that not all columns of the profile are relavant to me. I need just a few things like min, max, rowcount, verification of constraints etc of the profile.