Hello Experts,

I am testing a datawarehousing and analytics reporting product and for reporting we use Business Object XI 3.1 (WebI).

Till now i am testing it manually where i check the data is collected, transformed, loaded (ETL) properly and summarized into hourly, daily and monthly.

After this we check the reports generated using Business Object XI 3.1 (WebI). One way of validating the data is to write sql query based on the report requirement and match the resultset with the data of the report. Then for testing the front end, based on the report requirement,validate the filters or prompts, formatting , printing and exporting feature of the report. This also involve all variables and functions used in the reports are working correctly.

This process of validation takes lot of time and i want to automate it but i don't have any experience on how to automate BO reports.

Is it possible to automate data validation in BO reports? If yes, how can I automate it.