Hi, can anyone help me in this regard.

I am into the project which is purely on BFS. Central Securities Depository (CSD) for the electronic settlement of equities, bonds and money market securities.

Below mail is the requirement of our test automation tool. Could you please ( if possible) go thru it and comprehend whether it is feasible thru selinium or any other tool .

================================================== ===========
Our testing is done on Safires ( Backend for all the data collected from vendors like stock exchange and custodians) and Safe( front end with links and fields ) and the communication method used is Swift ( an organization like ISO for message standards ).

Safe is used by Market Participants and therefore must be thoroughly tested.

Safe is currently also used to assist in generating swift messages for Off-Market, SLB and TS testing.

We are looking for 2 things to assist with our testing.

Scrip generator to automate certain keystrokes in Safires.

This must be flexible enough to read certain parameters from an external source e.g an Excel spreadsheet

A tool to assist with incoming/outgoing swift messages.

We need a tool that can simulate a swift message into the MQ queue (call it a message generator), it needs to flexible enough to read certain parameters from an external source e.g. an Excel spreadsheet, read this info into the message generator and drop the constructed message on the MQ queue.

We need a tool that can take the outgoing messages generated from Safires and analyse and compare these against a template for discrepancies.

I donít mind if the set-up stages are a bit technical but the re-use function should be user friendly.

Looking fwd to hear from you.