The main goal - test our hypothesis on who uses commercial tools and whether the benefits were realized. Really low n count right now - but so far - improved quality seems to be a much more realistic benefit than reduced testing hours/costs. None of the respondents were heavy into Test Driven Development - which we think is a contributing factor to realizing benefits.
Automated Functional Testing Tools Survey

Full disclosure, I work for a research firm, Info-Tech Research Group, that caters to IT professionals. This is most definitely not market research. The results are used to validate some of or research geared at QA professionals.

In exchange for doing our survey we'll share the prelim findings and send along some free research on the topic.

All the vendor sponsored assessment tools and ROI calculators I've seen seem very optimistic so we're trying to get feedback from the field.

If you're not into clicking random surveys. What's your take on commercial tools? do you manage with OSS, developing your own, or do you avoid automation in functional testing altogether?