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    Testing tool for .net and Oracle capture


    I am looking for a tool to test .NET application and ORACLE Capture. Please advise me what kind of tool can be used to test these applications. Are there any free tools available.


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    Re: Testing tool for .net and Oracle capture

    Do you mean a tool that will do a screen capture because you want to use image comparison as your oracle?
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    Re: Testing tool for .net and Oracle capture


    What does "ORACLE Capture" mean?

    Is it Oracle Document Capture?
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    Re: Testing tool for .net and Oracle capture

    Most mainstream commercial TA tools support .net

    Re Oracle capture, as others noted it depends what you mean. If you can clarify the requirement then the collective wisdom will no doubt answer your question.

    If you mean running sql statements to capture and validate data, most commercial tools do that also.
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