Hi all.

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I've got a particular nut I'm hoping you could help me crack. The ideal is to perform a complete start to end test of a complete system comprised of a) a customer facing web application and b) an employee facing Java applet (running in a web browser). A given test scenario would consist of at least one visit to each of the web application and Java applet dependent on the test objective.

We're all keen on open source tools in this organisation and I like Python a lot as a test scripting language. So, I can test the web part using Selenium-RC's Python API however the missing link is a similar tool which we could use to automate Java applet functional tests and provides a Python API.

I've found an application called Jacareto however it seems to insist on the applet running within an applet viewer and doesn't work if the applet is running in a browser.

So, your recommendations, please!

Must-have criteria:
- Python API.
- Ability to test Java applets running in a web browser.

Good-to-have criteria:
- Free (pref. open source)

Many thanks,