Hi All!
Can somebody advice some tool which can use external dll's and has analytics.
The problem is:
I need to test user load on Back End of CMS. CMS is wrote using .Net and i have functional tests wrote on c# with Watin. So I need, using my Watin (functional) dll's, make a performance(load) testing.
If somebody have some other ideas how to do such tests, be my guest Main problem is that CMS is too complicate to use Recording tools, such JMeter, QEngine etc.(couse they mostly use x,y position of mouse and clicks, this happens when working with Ajax all this recorders can’t record all of operations and replace this operation with something like MouseClickPosition(“100”,& #8221;200”,leftclick)
Second idea was to make a Proxy server and setup there a HTTP recording tool to record http queries and then play them as much as need, but with such method isn't possible to login to BackEnd(now, I don't know why)
About Analytics in tool I mean presentation of counters to count duration of test, data receive, data send etc.
Looking for your help.