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    Are there up to date no.on tool market coverage?

    Are there any sites that track or try to track/review market coverage for tools?

    i.e. which is the market leader in sales, installations etc.

    after doing a review for a project, it would be nice to have figures for market usage of a tool.

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    Re: Are there up to date no.on tool market coverage?

    I am assuming your question is related to tool market share?

    Here is a study from Forrester in 2006, see
    www.forrester.com/Events/Content/0,5180,-1403,00.ppt (make sure to cut and paste the entire url, don't just click on the link)

    Here is an older one http://www.vcaa.com/tools/wsipc-auto...evaluation.pdf

    These are also discussed here Automation Tools Market Share

    Ovum used to put out annual reports.

    Did you try a search on Automated Test Tool Comparisons and many such surveys/studies will appear.

    For example, this one http://www.business-software.com/top...re-vendors.php might be interesting.




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