Hi I found this nice software
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but the problem is i don't know what to place in the xml file
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&lt;?xml version="1.0"?&gt;
&lt;!DOCTYPE imprimatur PUBLIC
"-//Imprimatur DTD 007//EN"
&lt;imprimatur port="80" hostname="www.google.com"&gt;
&lt;test name="Check Google homepage"&gt;
&lt;request path="/"&gt;

&lt;!-- Check the HTTP response code is OK --&gt;
&lt;response-code value="200" /&gt;

&lt;!-- Regular expression --&gt;
&lt;regex pattern="Google" /&gt;
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let's say i have this "API" method, called "signup", and i have the parameters to test it like

//this is just a sample domain, but the parameters are real
e.g login, email,password,captcha_id, captcha_answer, terms_of_service.
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</pre><hr />
actually, if you will run this on our server in the real domain, ofcourse the values for parameters will go to the database. so my problem now, is, how will i use that xml code above for that API/URL call i posted ? [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]