I have posted the following evaluations for use and comment on the sqaForums:

QTP 9.5: http://www.sqaforums.com/showflat.ph...;Number=568853

WinTask 3.5b: http://www.sqaforums.com/showflat.ph...;Number=568794

Selenium 1.0 Beta 2: http://www.sqaforums.com/showflat.ph...;Number=569096

<Caveat emptor ON>

These evaluations are being performed for a specific company with a specific product, which presents implied requirements that may not be apparent to an "outsider". Then there is always the issue of the stated goals and evaluation criteria I used which may not align with yours, should you be evaluating one of these tools for your QA environment.

<Caveat emptor OFF>

But with these caveats in mind, hopefully one or more of these evaluations will be useful to others.

-Terry Horwath

P.S. If you have comments or questions, post to the thread containing the actual evaluation in question, as I don't plan to monitor this thread.