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    Web and Desktop

    My organization is need of a solution that can test (and Automate such) both Web, Desktop applications and the accompanied actions in corresponding DB's's.
    Web apps are .net applications i.e. C#, .Asp, some VB as well as Flex and Flash. Desktop apps are C#, Flex, C+ and ++. Database is SQL Server.

    I am looking at TestComplete, EggPlant, and Automation Anywhere to name a few which segues into my issue. Am I missing something or are there only a "Few" solutions for functional and automated testing under the described circumstances (web and desktop applications)??
    Learning curb and ramp up time are as paramount as feature set though I can gauge this accordingly.

    I am interested in any apps / solutions that anyone can think of.

    Many thanks....

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    Re: Web and Desktop

    I think you are missing something.
    More that a few tools can automate both web and desktop.

    In the past, I have used WinRunner.
    Currently, I use WinTask.

    You may want to check out some more of the test automation tools represented here at SQAForums.
    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Web and Desktop

    I would suggest Quick Test Pro as a possibility. Although I think it is expensive, it is fairly easy to learn the basics. I don't think WinRunner will support .Net.
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    Re: Web and Desktop

    TestPartner is a good one to look at. I'm not sure how complex or simple your apps are, but TestPartner by Compuware has a user friendly interface and is rather extensive in it's capabilities. If your apps are straightforward you would have a minimal spinup time before being rather proficient at generating your basic tests.

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    Re: Web and Desktop

    I would suggest to check your application with the Spy of Ranorex or TestComplete. Both of them work well with .NET applications and web pages and are not expensive.


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    Re: Web and Desktop

    APart from the above you can also try out Perl or Ruby Scripting for Automating the Testing task

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    Re: Web and Desktop

    I would suggest to check your application with GUI Automated Tests from crom-osec. It work well with any windows application (including .NET, win32, java), it handles web pages and is cheap.



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