Hi All,

We've been working hard to evaluate IBM against HP against all of our in-house applications. One of those evaluations which is more difficult that most is evaluation against ERP systems - Oracle and SAP. We are in the process of selecting either SAP or Oracle, and need to be sure our tools will function properly against the new ERP system. Since we are in negotiation mode, essentially we cannot get a "test" instance of either Oracle or SAP, and thus cannot do our own Proof of Concept against these applications.

On paper, both IBM & HP SAY they can support both SAP & Oracle. HP's add-in native support for SAP and Oracle is included in the purchase price (although you pay additional for protocol support on the Performance side). IBM's claim, on the other hand, is complicated by the fact that they need the additional purchase of support through an IBM Business Partner, the BSD Group for support of Oracle. The additional pricing for this support is close to $10k for a FIVE (5) user license of this software.

HP knows this and is understandably trying to use it to their advantage. However, I'd like some REAL-WORLD evidence/experience in implementing IBM Rational against Oracle. The funny thing is that SAP and Oracle both say HP is the "tool of choice", but the price disparity between the tools is causing some folks to lean more IBM's way.

I've used HP tools primarily, and am CPC on QTP so am considered a "biased" evaluator in some sense. However, I personally feel I want to use the best tool for our needs, irrespective of vendor. I am concerned about the non-native Oracle support specifically, and would love anyone's feedback about their experiences.

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Thanks so much!