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Thread: Acrobat FDF

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    Acrobat FDF

    Anyone have experience with automating Acrobat FDFs? We currently have Rational Robot and RFT, but neither one recognizes the Objects on the form. I have called IBM and it is not supported at this time.

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    Has anyone had success with this with any other automation tools?

    Thanks in advance,
    - Jes

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    Re: Acrobat FDF

    If what you're trying to do is to automate interaction with a PDF form (through the user interface) to enter information into the form and submit it, then Eggplant (our tool) should handle the job easily. If you're trying to deal with the raw FDF data then there are probably other tools that will do the job more easily, but for GUI automation Eggplant would be a good choice. Is that what you're looking for?
    Doug Simons, Principal Developer
    TestPlant, makers of eggPlant, the Cross-Platform GUI Testing Tool



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