Hi Everyone,

Can anyone recommend a good regression tool i could use on an Oracle Forms 10g application, deployed on a 3 tier architecture using Oracle Application Server 10g in the middle tier. The application uses Forms and Reports as well as the Oracle Workflow functionality. All procedural code is written in PL/SQL contained within the Forms or the Database as appropriate. The Database tier is an Oracle 10g Release 2 Database. Both Mid and Database Tiers are running on Intel 64 bit based servers running Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition 3 (also 64bit).

The Application is delivered using Oracle's Jinitiator Application, version

I have had a look around for an open source tool but can't see much around which would be compatible.

And having only been with the company 3 weeks i dont wanna suggest they splash out on QTP if at all possible. Unless of course it is the only option.

Thanks in advance for any help.....