Hi all,

I would like to introduce our open source project "Tellurium Automated Testing Framework" to you. The framework is a UI module oriented web automated testing framework. It is currently built on top of the Selenium framework, but we will eventually build our own testing driving engine to better support our framework. The framework utilizes Groovy to provide Domain Specific Language (DSL) for web testing. It also provides Data Driven testing, JUnit 4.4 and TestNG support out of box. You can write test cases in Java, Groovy, or pure DSLs.

The framework Core is pretty much stable now and we are working on creating a Firefox plugin to automatically generate UI modules for users.

We provide detailed tutorials, guides, and examples. We also provide two sample projects for users. Right now, we need more users to use it and give us more feedback and comments so that we can shape the framework and make it more concrete.

If you are interested, please visit our project web site at:


and Tellurium user group at:


We are also looking forward to more contributors and new team members. Please see "how to contribute" at,