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    Automated Tool supporting Oracle Forms 6i & Web

    Good Morning,

    I have researched in the forums and have been unable to find the exact information that I am looking for. Like most people posting on this forum, I have been given the task of finding an automated test tool for the functional/regression testing of the two applications our company uses:

    - Windows App - running on Oracle forms 6i version
    - Web based app - uses Java Server Faces Technology

    I have trialled Mercury QTP which worked famously with our web based app, but I hit problems when testing it's compatability with our windows app.

    It seems that QTP has a problem with identifying the objects on the Oracle 6i forms. I later found that QTP does not support Oracle forms 6i Windows GUI even with the oracle, java add-ins.

    Please can someone help me by:

    - Suggesting a way around the object recognision issue in QTP
    - Suggesting another tool that will support windows apps running on Oracle forms and web based apps?

    I really look forward to your response and thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Kind Regards, Claire

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    Re: Automated Tool supporting Oracle Forms 6i & Web

    We have a version of our product that uses Forms 6i and we have always had problems with integrating automated tools with this particular version.

    Sounds like you have the non-web enabled version of Forms 6i, hence why QTP will not work.

    In the end I have been using Winrunner with the Oracle Developer Add-in. It involves re-compiliing forms with specific triggers and libraries, but most objects can then be recognized.

    However, HP are ending support for Winrunner and speaking from experience they don't seem to have much in the way of knowledge of the older Oracle versions. (I think Oracle have also stopped support of Forms 6?)

    Winrunner will also work on the web-based application.

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    Re: Automated Tool supporting Oracle Forms 6i & We

    Our tool, Eggplant, works through the actual (visual) user interface just like a person does, rather than communicating with the objects within an application. This allows Eggplant to automate any application on any platform, both web apps and desktop apps, regardless of what tool they were developed with. So you may want to take a look and see whether it meets your needs.
    Doug Simons, Principal Developer
    TestPlant, makers of eggPlant, the Cross-Platform GUI Testing Tool

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    Re: Automated Tool supporting Oracle Forms 6i & Web


    Now i have a similar requirement where we need to automate application built on Oracle D2k with Forms 6i. It is purely window application and QTP is recognizing as winobjects (without oracle & java addin). But while playing back, QTP is uanable to find the objects in the repository.

    Did you get any solution for this requirement.

    Would be helpful if you find alternatives to automate window based application


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    Re: Automated Tool supporting Oracle Forms 6i & Web

    Try Gui Automated Tests from crom-osec. Is easy to use, it works great on win32 applications and also allows automated build test, integrated with cruise control.



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