I need some help, ive been stuck on this problem for over a week now and seem to be making no progress what so ever.

Our company has developed a complicated flash app that we currently test manually, the problem is it takes so long to go through each and every possible path through out the system looking for errors.

We need to find an automated way of doing this, ive looked on google and found a few programs that claim they work with flash and once ive started recording a test, nothing inside flash is recorded.

The application is about to start its rewrite from action script 2 to 3, and were debating weather or not to use flash or flex (you thoughts please?). The application is both data driven and has a fair bit of animations.

Im not sure what way to go about testing, as ive read about automated testing, but will this just fire of click events and so on. Or will it verify that data as indeed been retried from a web service and is displayed in the correct list or box and so forth.

Im not sure how the automated approach throws an error, is it if the next step in the process cannot be executed? say a button is no longer on the stage?

If any one could shed some light and or thoughts on this let me know. Mean while ive got these to test:

ranorex, mjtnet, testcomplete, evalid, silktest and e-tester which i found on the forum (cheers for that)