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    How to read result and proceed further

    Hi All
    I am working on MS ACT eben though i have no experience of that...i read some slides, some documents and help file.

    I have to do performance and scalability testing for one website, i recorded the script and rerun that with no. of users, for no. of times...

    I got the results and i read those results but didn't get what to do now...What are the standard....like for

    %idle time
    %interrupt time
    %privileged time
    %processor time

    what should be the average bandwidth

    also every time i run the test i get HTTP Errors and this counter keep on increasing i got 748,019 HTTP Errors.

    So can anyone guide me and help me out to use the tool more efficient and structured way

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    Re: How to read result and proceed further

    I've same problem with HTTP errors and Socket errors. I'm not sure how ACT works. I recorded test that call a web page which in turn executes a stored procedure to run a report. I'm getting response code of 202 (request completed successfully), but I'm not seeing any activity in the database. Does ACT actually go all the way up to database? or just up to IIS?



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