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    Concurrency...and manual results capture

    Just a quick observation...

    I have a script that logs into a web application, I've modified the script to trace the request path, response code and TTLB.

    I've noticed that using 2 connections/users the time of the log entries suggest that concurrency is not being achieved, is this correct?

    I've enabled delays that were captured during recording the script and concurrency is achieved.

    Is this simply due to the small number of connections/users that the test was run at, as it's a live site I can't increase too much?

    The next question relates to obtaining the time it took to load the page.

    If I trace the TTLB for each post and add these up for an iteration, is this essentially how long the page took to load?

    I was going to write some code to extract the values from the trace log into a csv so that a graph can be produced, number of connections vs iteration execution time.

    Would this work and be an accurate representation?

    Any comments would be very welcome.



    QA Consultant

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    Re: Concurrency...and manual results capture

    Well, with NO delays, it's going to try to send/recieve as fast as your server can give responses...so you might have some non-sychronization. I add my own delays (since recorded delays might not be what some people really want in a test), and never have "none", since that's not representing what a user could do.

    TTLB is exactly what it says...time to last byte. This means a user's pc had recieved the last byte of that specific item (gif, jpg, html, etc) requested in that sub. Doesn't mean it was displayed, compiled or anything. Downloading an html that also kicks off other events (has embedded javascript with "onload" functions, etc) means that more time is taken that just "downloading the page"...but that's still real time to the enduser, even if the server thinks its done.

    And TTLB is BAD if you don't wrap it so it's not checked when you might time out, or get an error (like a 404). If you check TTLB in those situations, the script will crash. You might want to consider using a variable to measure change in the Timer function, and wrap your request.send with that. That way you'll have time whether you time out, get a non 200 http response, or whatever.

    And the CSV is something that I do presently, it's not 100% accurate (mostly b/c of what i said in the first paragraph), but it does give you an approximate way to measure performance. Which can be very useful if you're making performance CHANGES...so you can do a before/after. If you're looking to measure for someone how many users can do "x" on this site at a given time...the best you can do with ACT (in my opinion) is make an educated guess. Even the most complicated algoritm that I've made in ACT to simulate many different user actions and activities and doing so in a repeatable manner, still doesn't reproduce exactly what all of our users do at a given time. So I use it mainly to test performance enhancements and system changes...because it's more easily quantifiable.

    I'll stop ranting now. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    I prefer 'maliciously mischevious'.
    Jamie Nichols
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