Hi all, I post it here for your help

I have been trying to write both VBS and JScripts with ACT to pass a query. I know that
you can use request.querystring is jscript but i can't get it to work in MSACT. Any ideas why.

We even tried testing google search, just can not pass the query and therefore, the results looks like fake one.

Just an example below;


If you attempt to pass this string it only resolves http://www.google.ca/search. It completely forgets about anything after the "?".

I have tried substituting the string with the ascii code as chr(63) and nothing seems to work. If you have and code snippets or ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

// Test Array
var arrTest = new Array:
var reqQueryType = "Advanced";
var reqQueryString = "?f=xhitlist&xhitlist_mh=1000&xhitlist_q=%QUERY%&x hitlist_x=" + reqQueryType + &xhitlist_s=&xhitlist_hc=%5BXML%5D%5Bkwic%2C10%5D& xhitlist_d=%DOMAIN%&xhitlist_xsl=xhitlist.xsl&xhit list_vpc=first&xhitlist_sel=title%3Btitle-path%3Bpath%3Blast-modified%3Bcontent- type%3Bhome-title%3Bhit-context";

// Global variables
var bUseDelays = false;
var bUseSSL = false;

var reqHost = "testserver.com"; // "";
var reqHTTPVer = "HTTP/1.0";
var reqVerb = "GET";
var reqPort = 80;
var reqScript = "/QA/gateway.dll";
var reqPath = "";

function doQueryRequest:reqQuery, reqPath, reqDomain, nDelay:
if :bUseDelays:

oConnection = Test.CreateConnection:reqHost, reqPort, bUseSSL:;
if :!oConnection:
Test.Trace:"Error: Unable to create connection to testserver.com":;
// Create Request
var oRequest = Test.CreateRequest::;
oRequest.Path = reqScript;
if :reqPath:
oRequest.Path += ::reqPath == "/": ? reqPath : :"/" + reqPath::;
if :reqQuery:
oRequest.Path += reqQueryString;
oRequest.Path = oRequest.Path.replace:"%QUERY%", reqQuery:;
oRequest.Path = oRequest.Path.replace:"%DOMAIN%", reqDomain:;
oRequest.Verb = reqVerb;
oRequest.HTTPVersion = reqHTTPVer;

// Make Request
var oResponse = oConnection.SendRequest:;
if :!oResponse:
Test.Trace:"Error: Failed to receive response for URL to " + oRequest.Path:;
strStatusCode = oResponse.ResultCode;


function main::
for:var i=0;i<arrTest.length;i+=2:
doQueryRequest:arrTest[i], i, arrTest[i+1], 0:;


parenthesis are changed because of restrictions.

Any idea or clue will be appreciated.