Hi there,

I'm hoping that I can obtain some guidance on where to begin with ACT.

I have had some experience using a couple of commercial load test tools, so have some idea what I'm trying to do.

I've captured a script that simply logs onto my web application that I am trying to load.

The application does not use a username and password to authenticate, but a 'token' that is generated using a separate GUI application.

I generated the token manually and then captured the script to log in - which is basically going to a forwarding URL and then downloads the homepage.

If the 'token' is present then the homepage loads in a logged in state, if it isn't then it loads in a not logged in state and some of the content is not available.

The script is 79 sub functions in size, simply to log on; however I have tried to interpret the script and it appears that each 'item' with the homepage is a separate HTTP GET command.

I assume that this is correct?

With one token it is feasible to have multiple simultaneous connections to the homepage, so this should work for execution of the test script.

In my previous experience using a load test tool it was necessary to handle the dynamic values that are returned by the web server, such as session ID's.

I have noted in my script the following:

'oHeaders.Add "Cookie", "JSESSIONID=CbxyRhzRbxQqjxbTpcsdQnVbsVy8nLGxfq9Qcl 9gK1v5k58xhkGn!-1974775390"
oHeaders.Add "Cookie", "(automatic)"
'oHeaders.Add "Host", "my.website.url"
oHeaders.Add "Host", "(automatic)"
oHeaders.Add "Cookie", "(automatic)"

Is this ACT automatically handling the dynamic session ID?

Does this mean I do not need to do anything further to this script?

Further into the script there are the following statements:

oHeaders.Add "Referer", "my.website.url.login.jsp;jsessionid=CbxyRhzRbxQqj xbTpcsdQnVbsVy8nLGxfq9Qcl9gK1v5k58xhkGn!-1974775390"

Am I correct in my assumption that ACT has not handled the dynamic session ID within the 'Referer' URL?

What does this portion of the script do, as I don't appear to get a great deal of errors back when I execute the script?

Do I need to write some VBScript to extract the session ID and append it to the appropriate sections of the script?

Generally the codes reported are 200 - OK and 302 - resource resides under a different URI. Does this mean the scripts are still executing successfully?

My purpose is to apply load to the web application and to try and monitor the impact on the servers. The hardware/software configuration is UNIX with apache and weblogic, I've tried to add the performance counters in for those network machines but with no success.

What is the most appropriate method to measure the performance of the application/servers that are being stressed?

I am sorry there are so many questions here, however would appreciate any help or advice that can be provided.